About Us and our crime scene clean up services and company

When tragedy strikes and the worst occurs, our society makes sure that policemen, firemen, and EMTʼs are on hand to help. They perform many crucial tasks at the crime or trauma scene. However, cleaning up that scene is not one of them. Cleaning up after someone dies either violently or of natural causes is generally the responsibility of the victims family who can call upon crime scene cleanup for help. Until just a few years ago, there were very few cleaning companies that would handle this kind of job, so the families had to do it themselves. This was both traumatic for the families as well as dangerous. Body fluids, blood, etc can contain dangerous pathogens which are still active even though the victim is deceased. Due to this biohazards environment the safest way to clean up this type of scene is with the proper equipment and proper training. Companies who specialize in biohazards waste removal and cleanup have the necessary equipment and training to complete this task efficiently and effectively. In addition they can spare the grieving family the trauma of dealing with this grisly job.


Accelerated BioScene Crime Scene Cleanup offers a service which specializes in crime scene clean up and trauma cleanup. Because we only deal with this type of biohazards waste disposal and cleaning we have the knowledge, skills, equipment, and sensitivity to handle this type of job efficiently, effectively and with a minimum of emotional stress to the family.


We offer a fast, rapid response service consisting of highly trained and fully certified crime scene cleanup (see our FAQ for more detail) personnel who are experienced with crime scene cleanup, grieving families, and insurance companies (who often cover this type of remediation).